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Course blog for American University PERF-570, Fall 2014

Welcome to the PERF-570 course blog!

This is the place you will post weekly blog posts and comments. Remember that each entry should link to an article, event, organization, image, or report about some element of arts and culture related to the class. To be complete, each post must include:

  1. A title, quote, or image for the resource;
  2. A working hyperlink to the resource;
  3. A short paragraph about the item, and why it is relevant to the class, or to the world of arts and cultural management.

Each post earns you up to 10 points toward the blog portion of your grade. Late posts automatically lose five points.

You will also earn blog comment points for posting two comments each week to somebody else’s post.

If you have any questions about how to use this system, what to post, and where to find post ideas, please let me know, or ask in class!


About Andrew Taylor

Faculty in Arts Management at American University in Washington, DC. Consultant on strategy, structure, and organizational design for arts and culture. Blogger as 'The Artful Manager'.


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