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​A Video Game About the Sides of War That We Don’t See

There is a debate going on both within the burgeoning gaming industry and in public discourse about whether games can be considered art, and I wanted to introduce that question to our class. I also want to give exposure to this supremely necessary and interesting project. Developed by students at the Savannah College of Art and Design, they are challenging the notion of what constitutes a game while simultaneously bringing attention to a social ill using a medium that is oft-malign for it’s insensitivity. This is a gauntlet thrown down at major studios: “I think their [major gaming studios] mistake is putting too much behind authorial intent and not considering that games and art have a relationship with their audience and with culture just by existing.” Well said, sir, well said.


A Video Game About the Sides of War That We Don’t See.


One comment on “​A Video Game About the Sides of War That We Don’t See

  1. gaochang619
    August 29, 2014

    Interesting and I love games especially some exquisite games such like The Path and The Last of Us. I believe games could be defined as art mainly because they are so creative and at the same time they sell experience.
    The games should have a stronger relationship with their audience just by existing in this era of high-tech and multimedia. On one hand, the realistic scene and lifelike story-telling make audience (or we may call them players) highly combined with games, and with others in the game(especially online games). On the other hand, more and more game developers intend to build their own communities and culture via using hidden clues and discussing game guidance with players. It just sounds like what we gossip after a movie or a show.
    Game artists are working hard to bring you a better art experience!

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