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Club 124 Street Performance Revived in East Village

Back in the summer of 1997, Laraine Goodman and Nick Drakides started weekly street performances of tap-dancing and Frank Sinatra music to protest police quality-of-life violations. Club 124, the label given to these unscripted happenings, eventually shut down due to an unwanted excess of publicity. However, Club 124 revived last Sunday and attracted old and new faces. Read more about the event here.

Like many other street performances and informal artistic performances, Club 124’s focus is not on the production of the art, but the message it conveys and diverse community it attracts. Club 124 has successfully brought together individuals of all different ages, genders, races and socioeconomic statuses. I hope that people who are complaining about the noise learn to show tolerance and appreciate the intentions of Club 124. I would love to see this continue!



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