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Judge’s Ruling in Corcoran Case

This is an article I read last week detailing the conclusion of what will happen to the Corcoran and its collection. The Corcoran is an interesting example of a private museum whose financial (mis)management ultimately lead millions of dollars in losses, the cost far overtaking its apparent value. The museum attempted to cut and defer costs in many ways many times over the years, including a proposition to sell its iconic building right in downtown DC to move to a more affordable space outside the city.

 A related article describes museums as “places that tell stories,” so it will be interesting to see what new stories the collection tells when uprooted from its original display space.

Also, admission to the museum is free until it closes on October 1st, so if anyone is interested in seeing the collection in its current state should make a trip before then!


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  1. benjamendouglas
    August 26, 2014

    Actually, we’re planning a group trip tomorrow. Not sure who “hshambroom” is, but all of the information is on Facebook. The event is here:

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