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Mission vs. Business Model in the Non-profit Arts

I ran across this article today and I think it fits really well into the landscape of this course.  We haven’t fully begun discussing the ins and outs of an arts organization’s mission and business model, but this article does a good job of putting it all into perspective in a relatable context.  It asks a lot of really good questions that are similar to those we discussed on Monday, such as: “Where is the money coming from?” and “Are patrons a sustainable source of revenue?” 

The writer also touches on some arts organizations who are reshaping the way they engage their audiences through patron data studies.



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One comment on “Mission vs. Business Model in the Non-profit Arts

  1. gormleykimberly
    August 26, 2014

    Your article says ” Most non-profit organizations write their mission statements like the U.S. Constitution—meant to be around for a while and be so broad as to cover just about any situation the organization encounters”. I wonder how often mission statements need to be revisited, versus how often they generally ACTUALLY are revisited.

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