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To buy a lemonade stand, or not to buy?

Thinking about the effects of buying a lemonade stand in our hypothetical entrepreneurial business on Monday is similar to the problem that the Philadelphia Museum of Art is dealing with today. “Much closer is the decision on whether to go ahead with what is known as the Core Project. This involves tearing out the existing auditorium, which sits directly beneath the Great Stair Hall, and replacing it with a space labeled the Forum, which would provide access to the reclaimed vaulted passageway, and to the eventual subterranean galleries.” The girl struggled with whether to buy a lemonade stand or not, and whether it would affect her This issue of whether to make a change in the museum will affect the museum’s business for a time. They will have to decide whether or not changing the Great Stair Hall and replacing it with the Forum would be beneficial in the long run, and if the costs they incur during the renovation will be made up by the foot traffic that they bring in afterwards.


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  1. benjamendouglas
    August 27, 2014

    Interesting… I’m a huge fan of Frank Gehry. Well – make that his original work. I’ve not seen many spaces where he’s able to incorporate his signature style seamlessly in an existing space – especially one so iconic as the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    On the other hand, large institutions are always looking for new ways to be splashy, draw attention – and yes, draw donors. A Gehry redesign could do that.

    Aaaand – it’s also worth noting that during lunch today, we talked about the key moments leading up the current state of affairs at the Corcoran – and one of those was a failed campaign for a Gehry addition.

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