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Advertising as art and art as advertising.

As I’m sure many have noticed or read, five major U.S. museums—including our very own National Gallery of Art—have joined together to put on the “biggest art exhibition in history.” The idea is to use outdoor advertising to tell the story of American art and culture and inspire consumers to visit a museum. This particular campaign took it’s cue from a similar and reportedly successful campaign in the U.K. This Washington Post article gives a viewers’ take on the art as advertising as art

Having an advertising background, I’m interested in the development of this campaign. I think it’s a splashy way to raise awareness. However without a direct call to action I find the trackable, actionable impact hard to justify.

It’s noted that it is fully funded by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, and I’d like to know more about this partnership/policies/circumstances leading to this national art institution-media partnership. This Pacific Standard article explains more about the digital vs. outdoor ad battle and addresses the long debated power of digital advertising and may give a hint as to why the outdoor media industry is interested in funding this unique (read newsworthy) advertising campaign.

In applying the framework for navigating cultural enterprise we can see a costs transferring, needs being met, value being added to a variety of stakeholders. However, as we know, shifting things can throw things off balance.



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