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Grant Funds Creative Aging in L.A.’s Jewish Community

The Jewish Community Foundation will be funding an art program, Zekenim, over the next three years at USC. The program is intended to give a voice to the Jewish community’s elders through visual art and story telling. “Zekenim will guide Jewish older adults in sharing and sketching pivotal experiences from their life stories.” Find out more.


One comment on “Grant Funds Creative Aging in L.A.’s Jewish Community

  1. evanjsanderson
    September 3, 2014

    I just started a fellowship with the National Center for Creative Aging, so this article is ringing bells like crazy! Our Center holds that same fundamental belief: that the promotion and development of ‘creative aging’ programs provides benefits to both the end user (the older adults being served) and society in general. As the head of the center, Gay Hanna, said today during a board meeting: these are are our mothers and grandmothers. And anyone who has a Jewish grandma will tell you: they LOVE to tell stories. Putting those stories in a larger communal context is a wonderful idea, and I will definitely be bringing this up next time I’m in the office at NCCA! Thanks to whomever posted this!

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