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Imagine This!


I thought this was a very innovative series by the New York Times, and an even more innovative use of comment space. This article recaps the ‘Imagine This’ series, in which various New York Times writers do just that –they imagine their ideal exhibition, show, movie, or song. Or rather, not their ideal, but one that they would like to see or organize themselves. 

This series is a very inspiring way to turn the tables on writers who are used to writing about other people’s shows, events, or exhibits. People who love and are deeply immersed in their respective fields are given the chance to assemble their own ‘dream team’, and are given the chance to explain the merits and reasoning behind each of these dreams. 

And why should critics and writers be the only ones allowed to dream? In this recap, readers are quoted with their additions and criticisms to the NYT writer’s fantasy shows. I really loved that, rather than putting these fantasy shows on a pedestal in the Art & Style section and leaving it at that, the readers comments were read and shared themselves. This kind of dialogue is really fresh and exciting to read about, and I hope the newspaper continues with this and other similar projects. Below is a link to the list of ‘Imagine This’ articles- they’re all wonderful reads, and range from a showcase of women in the video game industry, a rehearsal space-based music festival, and a ‘memory collection’. 

I also loved that, as an artist and aspiring arts manager, I couldn’t help (as I’m sure you guys can’t help) reading this and then imagining what my ideal show/journal/exhibition would include…right now, I’m thinking poetry and sound installations in the middle of farmland in southwest Pennsylvania. 

Imagine This!




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  1. yaoge2016
    September 4, 2014

    Very inspiring way to get critics to involve in the field they most familiar with! The main target participants are critics and writers, which surly guarantees the quality of those ideas. But I think it will be much more fun to collect ideas from the masses, every single person who has attended arts shows/exhibitions/… and has some ideal shows in his/her mind.
    What’s more, I’ve interned in an art museum and it held an exhibition themed “Love Token”, kind of similar to the idea of the museum of memory. It exhibited the love tokes collected from the masses, along with love story behind. That’s practical if the museum organizes the exhibition/show well.

  2. shrulala
    September 5, 2014

    This sounds like a fun concept! I wish we could all let our flights of fantasy free! In Anne’s class we do a free write! I like that concept too. Its freeing to be able to write your thoughts down. As an artist, I can totally envision beautiful projects stemming out of an “Imagine This” series!

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