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Turning Crisis into Celebration

Check out this great news from the Minnesota Orchestra!

This could be the best comeback story ever. It is particularly exciting for me because, as I was reading for marketing, I was struck by a brief section in Standing Room Only on managerial issues during crises. It was a fairly simple statement about the stress caused by crises, and how that stress causes an organization to go from being mission-driven, to being debt-driven; meanwhile, organizations often undercut their strategic fundraising efforts; systems falter; there’s a loss of institutional memory due to high turnover, among other negative impacts that we’ve now seen often results in death by a thousand cuts.

Hopefully this story will go differently. I see Renée Fleming is performing in a gala benefit concert for them this Friday. Bonne chance, Minnesota Orchestra!


2 comments on “Turning Crisis into Celebration

  1. Jenni
    September 3, 2014

    This is really great news. I was in Minneapolis while the lockout happened and it really put a huge strain on the local arts community as a whole. I know there was some concern that the length of the lockout would discourage some patrons from renewing their season subscriptions, or even returning. But it would seem that it has only encouraged some donors to help ensure the Minnesota Orchestra’s survival. Fantastic!

    It’s interesting to look at their current success in juxtaposition to other orchestras who have recently gone through similar contract negotiations and financial struggles.

  2. benjamendouglas
    September 3, 2014

    Definitely agree. It would be fascinating to research factors that lead to crises within well-established organizations, and then compare the ones that survived to the ones who didn’t.

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