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A Night At The Museum … With Robots : All Tech Considered : NPR

This is the coolest thing I have heard about in a while.  Basically, what the Tate Britain has done is put four robots on the floor of the museum in the middle of the night. They roam around and look at artwork and generally get up to robot shenanigans. ‘How do they know where to go?’ you ask: PEOPLE CONTROL THEM VIA THE INTERNET.

So let’s break this down. Not only is the Tate Britain giving exposure to their exhibits to people who otherwise might not come (including , not only are they creating out of this exposure a once in a  life time Arts engagement experience, not only are they (brilliantly) coming up with an idea of how to maximize a museum’s use during it’s off hours, THEY ARE DOING IT WITH ROBOTS.

The program seems to already have wrapped up, but as far as I can tell from the material online, it was a huge success. My favorite bit is this part:

“They sort of look at each other,” he says. “And you have no idea who the two people controlling them are, and they’re never gonna meet each other, but they’re, for some split moment, staring at each other with these funny robot faces in a gallery in London.”


What makes me most excited is the way they’re gloriously harmonizing technology with art – a blend of the absolutely cutting edge with the creations of the human spirit. There’s a lot of talk about how tech alienates people from “Art”, but this is just the opposite. Oh, and the robots have me pretty excited too.


via A Night At The Museum … With Robots : All Tech Considered : NPR.



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