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Anyone wanna work for the NY Philharmonic?

…Well they have a job opening for Vice President and Campaign Director! In this New York Times article the author Michael Cooper discusses what the the position would entail, as well as what the job posting informs about the future goals of the organization. The job would involve some heavy-duty fundraising.  Mentioned in both the article as well as the job posting itself, the NY Phil has some pretty hefty goals, including doubling its 187 million dollar(!!!!!) endowment by 2019, and renovating the orchestra’s main performance space, Avery Fisher Hall. Some pretty epic plans. 

I’m sure after learning all we will learn at AU taking on such major plans will seem like a piece of cake. Right?.?…  




One comment on “Anyone wanna work for the NY Philharmonic?

  1. trishayoung
    September 12, 2014

    Piece of cake! Renovations always seem like a big obstacle to organizations face: is it worth the cost/risk? will it succeed in attracting new guests? This VP will be taking on a lot but it’s gonna be a fantastic project.

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