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Its personal this time!

Dear all!

My dance group is collaborating with the Light Switch Dance Theater – Modern Dance based and Deepak Ram, A world music flautist for a new project called The Girl Child Project.

We are premiering at VisArts this November 14th and 15th. As of now the artists are working pro bono. We are a true management case studying. We are trying crowd funding. We are not in time for any grant cycles. We are trying to performance space for free and hoping to recover money through tickets sales and also using crowd funding. Determining the number of musicians is based on the amount we can get as we develop this show and take it more venues. We also want to emphasize on the charitable component and help organizations that help girls make it in life. Would love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. benjamendouglas
    September 9, 2014

    Wow. That’s a tough one.

    The first question is: is there ANYONE you can go to to underwrite a portion to give you stability? I’ve known some individual donors who, because they believed in an organization, would say “hey, I want to see this project happen. I understand you’re raising funds, but won’t know how much you’ll make in ticket sales until the day-of. I’ll give you up to X as back-stop funding, in case you don’t raise enough.” Ideally, you don’t need that donor and can go back to them another day to be a guarantor. But, without knowing any idea of how much you’ll raise, I don’t see how you can really make plans.

    Next, I’d say hit up local businesses. Small ones who don’t have to go through a corporate process. Ones near your school, who may have an affinity for what you do. Where do your students buy their supplies?

    But, the idea is to get SOME money in the bank for this show, so your ticket sales, etc. can finance the next show – and so on.

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