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Yearly 5×5 Project Brings Public Art To DC

5×5, DC’s largest public art project, opened last week. This little blurb outlines the basics of the festival, a yearly occurrence involving 5 curators and 25 artists, of varying backgrounds and nationalities. The event is sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, a governmental organization, but employs independent curators and artists to generate content. The role of management gets handed down from the government, who oversees the curators, to the curators who oversee their artists. The official government page for the event is here, and it outlines the event’s objectives. The event brings together people from all different types of arts organizations, as well as all different nationalities, bringing both arts and cultural awareness to DC.

I’m curious if anyone has ever worked for or studied this type of yearly festival sponsored by a larger organization or government? What was the management structure like, and how did all the moving parts fit together? Was there any type of intercultural communication that took place?


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  1. qfloyd
    September 10, 2014

    This project is also apart of one of arts organizations I’m on SW ArtsFest ( The reason we partnered with the 5×5 Festival in SW DC is because our quadrant is literally the least talked about and the least arts friendly even though we have two (well, three) major arts organizations stationed here: Arena Stage and Blind Whino (the third is emerge art fair). The thing about these organizations is that even though the serve the general public of DC what happened to SW? There are never any events for the residents of SW. Our quadrant is such a diverse quadrant in where we have low-income housing right next to multi-billion dollar condos, but I guess that’s all of DC now.
    The ArtsFest board is pretty excited about this coming to our quadrant as well as the other neighborhoods in DC. There are 4 different displays of the public art “exhibit” which is literally steps from my house on 4th street SW. I am challenge you all to join come explore the different locations around DC! I also invite all of you to attend the SW ArtsFest from October 2 – 5th at various locations in SW (near waterfront metro station).

  2. amyjoforeman
    September 12, 2014

    Wow! This is a really cool project. Thanks for sharing. I want to highlight the 5×5 objectives: To ACTIVATE different parts of the district, SHOWCASE artists, DEVELOP opportunities for artists, BUILD relationships with residents, CREATE and environment where art can reflect its city, and PROMOTE DC’s creative profile. I think these are really powerful goals. It’s so awesome that DCCAH is pursuing these goals through art. And not just any art, but public art! Something for everyone to see and share.

    I’m curious to see how they’ll highlight the specific/artists and curators. So often I see public art and I have NO IDEA who created it.

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