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Sculptures that’d be at home in the deep sea

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This week, I have decided to post a TED talk that I found particularly interesting, bizarre and brilliant. 
The TED talk follows an unconventional artists sculpture making process.  The artist, Shih Chieh Huang, uses materials, like plastic bags, electronics, bottles, tupperware and the human body to create bioluminecent sea like creatures. I was particularly taken by his fascination with biology and love of creativity. I think he embodies the spirit of a scientist and artist and brings fascinating unexpected experiences to his viewers. 

He brilliantly weaves personal story telling, creation and science into a piece of electronic art that captures the imagination and visual senses of the viewer. 

He mentions that some of his experiential art and his sea inspired sculptures have been in museums and exhibitions, and I wonder how that worked. For you visual art people out there, what do you think about his art and his presentation? How would you go about presenting this type of work and do you think it would be popular?



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