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Small Press Expo: September 13-14

big_questions_collection   I want to highlight an upcoming event that’s close to my heart: the Small Press Expo will be held this coming weekend on Saturday and Sunday. SPX is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that works to promote the work of independent comic artists and publishers. Every year they hold an amazing festival that showcases the work of both young and established comic artists, featuring lectures and book releases, and an award series at these events. I cannot recommend this event enough. It’s breaking my heart that I can’t attend this year, but I can promise a weekend full of art, a love of storytelling, and making connections to anyone who can. I was able to attend for the first time in the fall of 2012 with the other artists who shared my studio space at CMU. Five of us piled into my car and drove from Pittsburgh to Rockville, D.C. to wander through the huge convention hall and meet artists we’d admired from afar. I had the chance to meet KC Green, creator of Gunshow and Graveyard Quest, Meredith Gran, the creator of Octopus Pie, a comic about soul-searching messed up 20 somethings in New York, Michael DeForge, one of my all time favorite comic artists, and to meet loads of artists whose work I had never seen before. I had the chance to see Daniel Clowes speak, to talk about Krazy Kat with a group of artists from NYC, to discuss Anders Nilsen’s (my all time favorite comic artist ever, creator of ‘Big Questions’ and ‘Dogs and Water’ ) latest work with a collective from Texas. Basically, this was one of the most fulfilling creative festivals I have ever attended. It brings together artists who are doing very innovative and exciting things at a wide range of stages in their careers. Please check out the artist roster and try to go! Someday I would like to help organize such a festival, or to have my work featured at one. The community of graphic novels and comic artists is vast and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one in it. There are few museums dedicated to the art, so people mostly meet each other at comic book stores and in the comments section on online strips. To have so many passionate, enthusiastic people in one place gave me such a sense of the community and creativity of this particular group. It would be an inspiring experience to artists from all disciplines.



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