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Competition that benefits arts organizations and future artists and arts leaders (BAD LOGO!)

I came across this article which was written by a UK student who won a competition called the King’s Cultural Challenge for a paid internship.   The challenge was how 4 organizations could work together without losing their individual identities.  Lauren Holden came up with a DISloyalty app called ‘Spectraitor’ (TERRIBLE logo but I forgive her cause it was for a pitch) which essentially gives you rewards points at the organization your loyal to for going to one of the three other organizations.  It reminded me of Gap Inc. who operates under a similar rewards system for three of their five organizations.  I have a Banana Republic card which, if I use at Gap or Old Navy, still builds points that I can use at Banana (which is SO my favorite of the three).  It works out really well for me at Christmas time when my mom uses my Banana card to buy Christmas pjs from Old Navy for the whole family; she gets to use my discount and I get cash back.  From the perspective of the 4 arts organizations, what a great way to drum up new ideas!


One comment on “Competition that benefits arts organizations and future artists and arts leaders (BAD LOGO!)

  1. awellfare89
    September 19, 2014

    This is genius! (although, yes, that logo is dreadful) This is a great option for organizations to work together. I was trying to look for any loopholes that would not help Specktraitor’s mission, and initially thought, “Well, will people just buy admission tickets to get rewards without going?” I doubt it; that’s a waste of money. The only hesitation about the name is the negative connotation of the word “traitor.” I think “double-agent” would be a better term to use.

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