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Hanging with the Cosby’s. Or At Least Their Art

Spending an evening with the Cosby’s conjures up either a TV Land marathon or a stand up routine at a comedy club. Soon DC will be able to interact with the Cosby’s in a few way. National Museum or African Art will open an exhibition that showcases work by African American artists, traditional and contemporary art from Africa and over 300 pieces from the Cosby’s collection.

What is unfortunately left out of this article is the timing of this exhibit. It will open this fall and run through early 2016. It is hoped that the National Museum of African American History and Culture will open in 2016. This exhibit is an excellent precursor to the museum’s opening. The NMAAHC currently occupies a gallery in the National Museum of American History. I am curious to see if they will take advantage of the new museum’s opening to connect these two together. Often I have noticed it is hard for the Smithsonian Museums to unite toward a common good.  Thankfully in the video at the bottom, Camille Cosby herself outlines all the opportunities to unite the two museums with an example of free blacks in the 17th century who were artists showing the early roots of African American culture. Hopefully we see some connections following the exhibit’s opening, and that we see more hype around the museum’s opening.


3 comments on “Hanging with the Cosby’s. Or At Least Their Art

  1. benjamendouglas
    September 18, 2014

    I’m actually surprised that it hasn’t been shown in DC before. David Driskell was the primary advisor to their collection for like 20 years. I know they’ve loaned individual pieces here and there.

  2. qfloyd
    September 18, 2014

    I agree with Benjamen, I am shocked that this has not be already exhibited. I definitely will be going to this exhibit! Dr. Cosby has always been a great man of bridging the gap of our ancient african traditions to the modern day african and african american society. I wish I could meet him because he is definitely a walking encyclopedia of all things african and african american traditions.

  3. alexgilbertschrag
    September 19, 2014

    I think it will be interesting to see what they do for a marketing strategy to get this out to folks so that they know it’s here in DC. Since it’s African American focused, it’ll be fascinating to see how they attempt to reach out to that population.
    I’m currently taking Diversity in Arts Management as well as an Anthropology class in Roots of Racism. Putting this specific art collection into perspective with what I’ve learned, it’s interesting that this collection is being purposely separated from everything else. It really brings the focus onto the black “race” of the art and how it’s different from usual pieces in museum. I hope I get to see it!

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