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How to use Facebook well as an arts marketer

In this article, the author provides several tips on how to use Facebook as an effective marketing took for an arts organization. I particularly like the tip of a 70/30 rule when it comes to kind of content the organization should post. The author believes that there should be a balance of 70% non-sales messages and 30% sales messages. Non-sales messages can be something related to the art organization, be it a funny video or photo, or some kind of did-you-know factoid. By giving Facebook users more of this kind of content I think that there is more potential to build strong relationships that are built on engaging the users’ minds and NOT just trying to grab at their wallets. With these strong relationships in tow, the FB users would be more inclined to purchase tickets and attend the organization’s events.


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  1. Jenni
    September 17, 2014

    I really like how the writer calls engaging attention through Facebook a “thumb-stopping” moment. It’s true though. How many times have I been sitting waiting for something to happen and just sat scrolling through my phone and stop only when I’ve found something diverting? My attention tends to be most caught by something with a strong visual image or a compelling thread. I think one example of a company that does this really well is BuzzFeed. There’s just something about their friendly Facebook demeanor and their content that just draws me in. I don’t stop for everything, but I’d say probably 8 times out of 10 I’ll stop to see what they’ve posted and will then follow the link on to their website. This means that without me realizing it I’ve grown to trust that most of the time I’ll like the content they post. And how have they done that? By engaging me in a pretty strongly conversational and a very visually stimulating way. I’ll admit that I don’t see many advertisements from BuzzFeed, but I think there is a lot that can be learned from how well they engage their audience.

  2. torisharbaugh
    September 19, 2014

    There are so many great marketing features and analytic tools for Facebook that most people do not realize exist (myself included, until recently). I think some business’s are under the impression that just by posting, viewers will just magically come to their page and like all their posts. I really appreciate his number 1 point: you have to invest. Utilizing the provided Facebook tools can really help organizations understand their target markets and learn how to reach them.

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