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Is video game creation considered art?

This article about number of women vs. men who play video games led me to think to about whether video games creation is considered art or not?
Video games are made differently from animated movies. Other than creating animated characters realistically they have to actually make the characters responsive. The player should feel the level of engagement to continue playing to the next level.
Especially in this day and age where the next level of art is online on tablets, phones, computers. Is App creation a type of artistic venture?

Any thoughts?


One comment on “Is video game creation considered art?

  1. evanjsanderson
    September 17, 2014

    I’m so glad you posted this – ‘video games as art’ is something I have a great personal interest in. There is no doubt that to me, video games (plural) are art, and the creation of video games is an act of artistry, while a particular video game (singular) is not necessarily a piece of art. They exist along a continuum, much like visual art can be a corporate logo (we consider this art, not Art), or self expression on a website. And just like other performance art styles, it has its technical side (i.e. coding a light board to enhance the theater experience), and an artistic side (in the case of video games, the experience of playing the game and refining the in game world).

    My first post was along similar lines, and I believe Chang mentioned some examples of games that are certainly Art – Braid, The Last of Us, Journey. I could list a whole bunch more. But the question in the gaming community and with gaming developers is not whether video games are art- we (I include myself in this community) are passed that question. To us, they incontrovertibly are. The question is: can Art be games?

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