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The Art Manager is Their Own Worst Enemy?

This past week’s readings focused on how to create a trusting work environment and how to create healthy goals and mission statements for organizations. These tools are used to foster robust, productive organizations. Its important to remember however, that even with the best of plans things can still go wrong. Hey! we’re all human! I think this short (only 5 minutes!) TED talk by Dan Ariely does a great job about reminding us that we all tend to be affected by our own self interests. By taking a step back and evaluating our motives objectively, we can become better managers, rather than just blindly trusting our biased gut.

Dan Ariely is one of my favorite thinkers, and he does a great job of translating behavioral economics into easy to understand language. If you like this talk, you should check out his other, longer talks, and his website His advice and insight has been really helpful in my own work life!


One comment on “The Art Manager is Their Own Worst Enemy?

  1. trishayoung
    September 23, 2014

    I think that is where conflict becomes valuable. People rarely look objectively at their own pursuits but if there is a strong leadership team in place who isn’t scared of having those tough conversations everyone benefits overall.

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