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New York ID cards to offer arts benefits to card holders

This New York Times article explains that the city’s new municipal ID cards that will begin to be issued next year will open the door for many undocumented immigrants and working-class citizens to engage in the arts and local culture.  These new ID cards will come with benefits, similar to a one-year membership, to many local museums, theatres, and other attractions.  Some of the institutions involved include: the New York Botanical Garden, Carnegie Hall, the Bronx Zoo, and the City Ballet.

These institutions worked closely with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to create this new ID benefits system with the hope that it will encourage the city’s working- and middle-class residents to become more involved.  San Francisco just began a similar program and, as the article alludes, seems to have been met with relative success.  The New York City institutions are hoping these new IDs will draw a similar amount of interest and help to expose a whole new audience to the arts.  They are hoping that enough of the card members will utilize the discounts and potentially become new subscribers.

I think this is a very interesting idea, and I’m curious to see how it will affect these institutions and the NYC arts environment as a whole.


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One comment on “New York ID cards to offer arts benefits to card holders

  1. trishayoung
    September 23, 2014

    I get the whole “expansion of our audience” thing. What I want to know is how are museums going to phrase it when their current members come back and say ‘hey, this year should be free for me too’. Do they have something to provide existing members to show their appreciation? It’s a smart way to encourage people to purchase ID cards; everyone loves a few perks.

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