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How is the NFL a nonprofit again?

I admit that aside from enjoying live games, my interest in football is pretty small but I saw this article about Roger Goodell apologizing for not taking a stronger initial stance on domestic violence and couldn’t help relating it to class discussions yesterday on what makes a good manager and good leader.  It’s interesting to me that if he and the NFL league would have taken the same steps when this initially came out that they outlined yesterday, fans and critics would have had a more positive reaction.  Ownership and accountability matter but not as a reaction to ridicule.  At this point I’m not sure Goodell could do anything to be seen in a better light.  One can hope that moving forward this leadership team will make better decisions but I doubt it since a little public ridicule really has no effect on their jobs or salaries.


2 comments on “How is the NFL a nonprofit again?

  1. evanjsanderson
    September 23, 2014

    It’s all just seems like PR speak – one of the commentators on Twitter had it right: you look up the playbook and find what phrases to say to do due diligence. To me, a real leader would address the disease, not the symptoms. And that’s a culture of violence that is propagated through the entire adult life of most of these players. There is no structure in place, nor a desire to design one, that would alleviate the core problem of ‘What Being An NFL Player Means.’ As long as they hit hard on the field, the argument seems to be, who cares what they do off of it?

  2. dianalfreeberg
    September 24, 2014

    I agree with Evan. I don’t think resolution will begin until Goodell steps down. The fact that he tried to sweep it under the rug until he was unable to any longer, speaks to his true interest as commissioner. If that video has never surfaced, I doubt the world would have ever known. It is my belief that until this issue is acknowledged and dealt with, these incidents will continue to surface. This is an issue beyond Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. I once sat in a traffic jam for over 30 minutes so a visiting high school football team could be bused in to the high school in Auburn with a police escort. I traveled to many state drama and academic festivals and conferences in high school, I never had a police escort. Our society grooms these players to think they are untouchable. Forget the coach. Forget their loved ones. Forget the law. All that matters is the game.

    Very proud of the stance that NFL sponsors are taking in regards to the situation. I’ve never been a huge fan of Budweiser (besides the adorable ads with the dalmatian), but after reading their statement I might just buy a 6-pack.

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