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What’s It All About, Jean Nouvel? A Pace-Setting Museum?

On seeing the blog posted on the ArtsJournal, I realize that another national program is conducted by an international architect with big name. I agree that the plan for National Art Museum is attractive, but I have a different concern from the author that whether choosing an international architect would be a wise idea. It’s no matter of patriotism, but is similar to the dispute that whether governments should support local artists and hire them to conduct arts for the public or authorize non-local artists of great fame to attract the masses.

In my point of view, nominating non-local artists with big name to some degree guarantees the quality and completeness of the program, which eases the person in power, and produces good topics for the press. Despite those advantages, supporting local artists can benefit the sustainability of local arts, and in the long terms strengthen the bonding of the local community. Many communities have its own diverse culture and arts, let along a whole country. Isn’t it of great importance to make the place unique and residents connected by this mean?


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Yaoge Wang is an emerging arts administrator dedicated to arts, culture, and nonprofit sector. With Accounting and Arts Management backgrounds and a special mix of “right brain/left brain” balance, she brings strong analytical skills and judgment as well as creativity to complex problems. She has extensive professional experience in the U.S. and China. She hopes to apply this international perspective to make the arts more visible to the public.

2 comments on “What’s It All About, Jean Nouvel? A Pace-Setting Museum?

  1. awellfare89
    September 26, 2014

    I agree with you. The author of the blog post mentions that it seems that this “starchitect” is more about the building than its content. Because Nouvel was chosen over other architects speaks to the nature of the museum’s board. It seems that they have lost sight of the museum’s mission. I bet if they had chosen a local architect, they would have been more sensitive to the art because it is from their culture and country. It just makes more sense to choose a local artist for a national institution.

  2. gaochang619
    September 26, 2014

    From a artistic perspective, it would benefit the culture background profoundly via supporting local architect. However this is a long run in China now. When it comes to the architecture industry, it appears more than mere art. For example, the engineering quantity and design standards are setting an entry barrier which requires qualified architects, and this could partly account for why Nouvel is chosen and other typical disputes upon Chinese architectures designed by famous foreign architects. In other words, most of the “qualified” architects are not local guys. What’s more, the interests of Party A during the bid is also a vital factor which could not be underestimated in choosing architect. Therefore it might be a good start to assign local architects in smaller cases and as arts managers we have the responsibility to steer interest groups to a more artistic direction.

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