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Is the Government funding model detrimental to Opera in Italy

The article discusses the possibility of cutting budgets to troubles in the Opera management which led to resignation of the conductor Riccardo Muti. Quoting the article “….said that Muti was “undoubtedly influenced” by “continual protests, internal conflicts and strikes that have lasted months”.”
For the purpose of this class, I’m wondering if being dependent only one source of income might be detrimental and add pressures to the management styles and impact artistic growth?


One comment on “Is the Government funding model detrimental to Opera in Italy

  1. hgenetos
    September 26, 2014

    This is such a sticky situation. As someone who worked for a federally funded agency that also proved it could raise funds through fundraising and grants, it gets tricky. If you can prove you have other options, you are immediately placed on the chopping block. And it does not matter if the fundraising was not for programmatic purposes. The federal funders don’t care.

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