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First Foundation Funding the Arts

In the Rand reports, we’ve now read a few mentions of the early role of the For71c+Yoee8aL._SL500_d Foundation in arts funding. I’ve started reading Performing Arts and American Society, a collection of essays edited by W. McNeil Lowery, who was the VP at Ford who drove this push to fund the arts.

I’m fascinated by this history, and am loving the book. Among other details, I’ve learned that between 1957 and 1975, Ford spent $280M on the arts. Since that was over an 18 year period, it’s hard to convert that amount without knowing the amount per year. But, to give you an idea, $280 million in 1957 would be the equivalent of $2.3 billion today.

There’s more information about his work during this era in this cheerily-titled article by the NYT.



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