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Guggenheim’s New Space

Apparently Guggenheim is expanding again. A job post for a “Curator of Urban Studies and Digital Initiatives” that would work the Collection Center. The space doesn’t exists it yet, but it is described as “a collection center that will consolidate its staff and art storage into one efficient, multiuse building with a dynamic public programming component that will herald the museum’s further engagement with its local audiences in New York City.” This would not be the first time that the Guggenheim has tried to expand. The Guggenheim has opened Guggenheim Las Vegas, Guggenheim Hermitage (also in Las Vegas), Guggenheim Soho, Deutsche Guggenheim, and Guggenheim Bilboa, of which only Bilboa is still opens says Hyperallergic.

Based on what we discussed in class and what Andrew is going to talk about in Taipei, larger urban cultural centers are a completely different animal. While the ideas are truly evolving, there seems to be a disconnect in translating that into actual success. I will say that this new job posting that’s been open for the past five months sounds awesome, but this concept sounds rocky at best.



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