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Continuing the conversation of what constitutes as Art – coding? really? what next?

“Yes, Chandra acknowledges, “coders—like poets—manipulate linguistic structures and tropes,” he says, and coders also “search for expressivity and clarity.”
But the virtues of what might be called “beautiful code” are different than those of beautiful art. “Beautiful code,” he writes, quoting Yukihirio “Maz” Matsumodo (the creator of the Ruby programming language), “is really meant to help the programmer be happy and productive.” It serves a purpose. Art, by its very nature, serves no purpose. ”

First off, I don’t think coding is art. Its means to create something artist maybe! But not art! I also do take offense to the sentence above which says art by its very nature serves no purpose. Next accountants will be writing books on how balancing a ledger is an art form…. ‘
Any thoughts on this?



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