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Experiences occur in the empty space

I really enjoyed this article from the Harvard Business review blog about the value of empty space or intentionally leaving things out.  Experiences are individual and as the article mentions, “Limiting information engages the imagination.”  Sometimes the best move is to eliminate something or try not to over-do-it.


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  1. cayleycarroll
    October 1, 2014

    The thought that “less is more” is applicable to many facets of life (makeup application, advertising, architecture, accessoring, to name a few that start with “a”). It is also applicable to leadership and management.

    Here’s an article that I have found useful:

  2. Jenni
    October 1, 2014

    I love this quote: “there is nothing more powerful than the ability of the human mind to create meaning from missing information.” It’s so true. I think a lot of companies have forgotten the art of “less is more”. In our high tech society, it’s not often that we don’t get the whole picture on something, so creating places where people can think creatively or make it their own is really important. There are even times when a concept can be too overt, making the customer feel like they are being beaten over the head with the idea. It’s definitely something to consider when thinking of ways to create interactive experiences for guests – provide the tools and then put the power in their hands to create their experience.

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