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The loudest car you will ever be in

Above-LA-freeways1-300x225The Industry, an experimental opera company, is working on a production that will take place in 18 moving cars in Los Angeles. The project is called Hopscotch and is the product of Yuval Sharon, the same director of Invisible Cities.  In each of the 18 cars there will be different 10-minute scenes performed by singers, actors and musicians. The cars will make pit-stops to attend other live performances along their individual routes and will eventually all converge* at a meeting point. The whole thing will be live-streamed in a parking lot for additional audience members to watch.

Sharon’s goal for the project is to help create community for LA-ers to bond over the city they live in: “It’s about how to go beyond the isolation of individual car rides and about noticing our city streets as we shuttle to our destinations.” By tying together 18 story lines he is highlighting that these city-dwellers are in it together; we have all have stories, we all have drama and we all get stuck in harrowing traffic.

imagesAs an arts leader, I admire Sharon’s creativity and intent to build a stronger community in L.A. I also appreciate the life he is breathing into the opera scene.  In a time when opera is typically perceived as being stale and predictable, the Industry is adding risk and uncertainty. I sure hope Hopscotch and The Industry are a success (though I would never consider buying a seat in one of those 18 cars).


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  1. awellfare89
    October 1, 2014

    I would definitely rather be at the central hub instead of in an individual car. This really is an interesting concept. Art is something that truly speaks of a city/state/country’s culture and focusing on the aspect of transportation, especially the isolation of areas where driving alone is most common, is not something that I have seen expressed lately. That’s what makes art most interesting, uniting us over tiny things that makes us “us” – even if it is the drudgery of traffic.

  2. lcrowley2014
    October 3, 2014

    I just read another story about these guys this morning! “The Industry” is starting its own record label “The Industry Records” and releasing their opera Invisible Cities. In an interview, Yuval Sharon says he hopes the record label can grow to produce other artists works who are “experimenting with contemporary opera.” I totally agree with what you said in your post Cayley – this is especially exciting because of the hardship opera is facing right now and it’s perception as dull, stale and predictable. It’s very interesting to see new arts managers meeting the new challenges of new generations and forms of artistic expression. I think these guys are worth a watch.

    Here’s the link:

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