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Turning Towards Edibles

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) has turned towards a new market to find support and a different audience. Their Cannabis Series of concerts has brought about criticism of many, and they lost twenty major supporters because of it. However, the Cannabis industry had given up to about $130,000 in sponsorships for the symphony.

In many performing arts centers we encourage the purchase of libations and snacks, so maybe this could potentially be another avenue for struggling orchestras to consider. Whether or not this is a dependable market will be seen after continuing with this collaboration. I support full with pursuing different avenues of support, but I’m not sure this is a reliable market that will help symphonies survive. This may be one way of bringing about a different audience, but whether or not that audience will return without having a Cannabis Series is left to be seen.


2 comments on “Turning Towards Edibles

  1. evanjsanderson
    October 7, 2014

    This gives new meaning to the term ‘gateway drug’ heheheh. Okay that was lame. But this article does (in it’s own twisting, winding way) bring up a good point, and that is the imperative to get people in seats however you can. I think this approach might not work in most venues – certainly it’s become de rigeur in Colorado to sort of pair weed with everything. I’ve heard of high hikes, high journalism, all sorts of stuff. But I love the way the article ends:

    “As a test, I put on some Mozart one morning before leaving for work. And you know what? I really enjoyed it. I think I’ll do it more often.”

    Different stokes for different folks, right? oh god i gotta stop.

  2. jaredchamoff
    October 10, 2014

    Thanks for this article!!! I have to agree with the author, “classical music is some intense shit.” I particularly think that starting with John Adam’s Short Ride in a Fast Time Machine is the most perfect way to start a concert for a Cannabis series. It feels trippy and sucks you in in a way that few other pieces can. This is regardless of whether edibles have been imbibed or not!

    I am interested what other pieces they had for this concert series. I feel like programming these concerts would be SO much fun. There are so many pieces that would fit very well into this series. For example, the last movement of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique or Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians. Check those out!

    I think that this concert series is a great way to get new audiences into the hall, yet I doubt that it would work as well in places outside of Colorado. Like Evan said, putting weed with anything/everything has become the thing to do in Colorado. I also feel like it is kind of bad that starting this series caused many of the CSO’s prominent donors to leave. That’s not good!

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