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We’re All In A Tribe

At my internship, the curator-at-large here at The Phillip’s Collection shared many of the things that he learned while at the Getty Leadership Institute with members of his team during our working retreat. He touched on a variety of great things such as core values, development issues, and even marketing. While he was talking, I kept being reminded of the idea of healthy organizations and how an institution can strive to create a strong team that is results-driven. During the discussion, we watched a presentation from David Logan at TED x USC about how humans are tribal beings and how we form five tribal states or mindsets ranging from hating the entire world (people who join cults), to this euphoric stage bringing change to the world (people who participated in The Million Man March for example). A stage many get stuck at is the third stage, or the “Me” stage, where people achieve great things but only for their own egos. This is the stage of competition and rivalries. While people can excel at this stage, the pitfall is that true change and true harmony is never achieved, causing stress and grief for all. I find myself in this stage rarely, but in the fourth stage of the “We” group more (the ideal). What stage do you feel you reside in? What about our class? The entire arts management program as a whole?



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