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Just the First Step: $320 Million Facility to Stoke China’s Musical Theater Industry

When it comes to the culture industry in China, it means films, TV shows, and Internet corporations in the most time, which boost prosperity of related majors in colleges. Many dancing students in my college intend to become an overnight sensation via reality shows or to dance with some famous pop stars after graduation. These perceptions just reveal the tip of the iceberg that fine arts in China are still in the early stages of developing. A current situation description is quoted from this article: “It has a small but growing infrastructure for developing musicals, commissioning new work, and designing and building sets, costumes, and other elements of the physical productions; musical theater training for singers and dancers is minimal; and the costs of producing and touring there are expensive and often passed on to audience members through high ticket prices, sometimes $150 or more, putting musicals out of reach for many average Chinese.” I am struggling to see arts management theory in a context of Chinese situation and willing to become a pioneer in this area in my hometown, but it appears to be puzzling for a newbie to draw on a white paper.

The construction plans of giant performing venues are good news but it is still challengeable for new arts managers in China because our potential audience have not get used to stepping in to a theater. What are the buyer personas divided by generations, economic situations and geography? How to reach and cultivate our constituent with fine arts? It is kind of a bottom-up progress to gradually promote theater performing arts in China. “The life is not a lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery.”—-That is what arts managers are struggling to help with.


One comment on “Just the First Step: $320 Million Facility to Stoke China’s Musical Theater Industry

  1. hgenetos
    October 10, 2014

    It is really promising though to see this happening. All new ventures need a backer and a believer. You can take the backer and the believer into action. I’m curious with the focus on reality TV and internet and how that seems to be the only hope for fame if there is no way to find a link between those options and a theater.

    I think this is an amazing step for China. It will take time, but maybe after 2 years of school China will be ready for you.

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