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A scandal, an outage – and finally, a victory

The position of the IRS is enough to send me into an apoplectic fit. Thankfully, “we” prevailed.


2 comments on “A scandal, an outage – and finally, a victory

  1. dianalfreeberg
    October 10, 2014

    “The agency argued that for tax purposes, Ms. Crile’s profession should be that of a teacher, and that her art-related expenses should have been filed not as business expenses but as unreimbursed employee expenses.”

    What an incredibly frustrating situation. Cases like this really tick me off. The IRS thinks it has supreme authority over every individual, and this is another instance where they attempted to exercise that false idea. I’m reminded of my least favorite thing I hear people say- “Those who can’t do- teach.” Such complete bs. The IRS basically said that in different language to Ms. Crile. Good for the court for recognizing that Crile alone can determine who and what she is, it is not up to the IRS or any other agency.

  2. amyjoforeman
    October 10, 2014

    Wow, what an important victory for artists! I love this comment made by Robert Storr saying that arts related tax deductions are “one of the last remaining areas where the federal government cuts artists any slack to allow them to do what they do.” I know how important they can be.

    But, as arts managers, how do we ensure that artists aren’t taking advantage of this “slack?” I knew a woman who wrote off a chocolate fondu waterfall and justified it by bringing the delicious contraption to the theatre. That doesn’t really seem ok, right? Is it our job to dissuade artists from this kind of behavior or do we laugh it off and feign a blind eye?

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