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Art Education and the 2020 Job Market

Considering this week’s education discussion I found this article about arts education in New York City appropriate. It’s certainly not ground-breaking news that schools in low-income areas have a drastically lower level of arts education than schools in high-income areas.

Coincidentally, I ran across this little infographic from The Daily Muse this morning. This illustrates the factors influencing the work force in 2020 and the skills necessary to stay relevant. There are many ways one can attribute an arts education to developing ANY of the skills on this list noted as necessary to hack it in the 2020 job market.

It’s also confusing, as the article points out, to see Michael Bloomberg restructure budgets giving principals the ability to cut art education funding while also offering a load of money in the the Public Art Challenge. I’m certainly a supporter of public art, but how is an under-served New York student to appreciate it without having the dedicated guidance of a certified art teacher during their formative years?



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