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Interdiscipline: Dance & Fashion Exhibit

The interdisciplinary cooperation has generated miracle many times in history and so does “Dance & Fashion”. In this article, the author explores some collaboration cases between dance costumes and fashion. As a format of performing arts, dancing could reach as far as visual arts realm because the aesthetic value of elaborated clothes and shoes, which attract abundant audience including fashion seekers to visit costume exhibitions. Nevertheless, as quoted in the article: “Storing costumes is notoriously expensive, and with dance being an underfunded art form, the vast majority of its costume history has been lost.” It is a pity to lose this gorgeous opportunity benefiting both dancing and exhibition arts because of underfunding reasons.

With limited resources, non-profit arts managers should be inspired by this kind of collaboration and expansion between arts disciplines that can make full use of the whole.


One comment on “Interdiscipline: Dance & Fashion Exhibit

  1. sarasps85
    October 17, 2014

    This exhibition must be really interesting. I wonder if dance companies can turn this partnerships with famous designers as an “on-going” thing.Win Win situation kind of thing. Ballet costumes, specially “tutus” are very complex, it can be a challenge for designers. This could work out as a donation to the dance company:).

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