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Playing the devil’s advocate for arts education in school

As a follow up to our last week’s conversation about Arts Education in school and the value of it, I found this article. The author talks about this is not enough and how there is so much more to consider


2 comments on “Playing the devil’s advocate for arts education in school

  1. emkais
    October 15, 2014

    I kind of like this opposing point of view. During this week’s presentation we were asked about teachers we remember being great. It’s easy to think of an answer that weaves in the arts in a positive light—from music class to history. However, I think just as many people are able to point to bad teachers in their life. Even certified arts teachers can be bad. I think we can all agree that having arts in education certainly isn’t a magic bullet. I think this strengthens the argument for having the overlapping arts experience between arts educators, community arts, and non-arts educators. I think more than predisposing students to arts it’s creating artistic and cultural experiences that are transformative. Just because I learned about geology in school has not made me a lifelong geology lover, but taking a trip to Yellowstone made me perk up and want to know a lot more.

  2. dianalfreeberg
    October 17, 2014

    It seems that this article is trying to make a lot of different points in regards to arts exposure. I think its true that there are other ways to engage with the arts that can lead to a passion.

    Emily mentions going to Yellowstone as opposed to studying Geology in class. While I absolutely agree because science was a lifelong struggle for me, I also recognize that not every student can get a trip to Yellowstone. Public education is something that is guaranteed to every child in this country. Regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, or gender, every child is given the opportunity to learn. Not every one of those children comes from a family that could take a trip to the opera or theatre, and not every student attends a school that can take a field trip. There are kids growing up in situations beyond their control that will never be exposed to the arts if it’s not in their schools.

    I agree that arts education is not the magic remedy. But to quote Macklemore, it’s a damn good place to start.

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