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Somehow ephemeral and timeless

I happened upon this article about “Days of Endless Time” an exhibit on view at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden as of tomorrow.  It uses film and video to examine the art of standing still, slowing down, or even moving backwards in a society that seems to only bull forward.  The fast-paced nature of life is a social issue that only seems to be getting worse.  People have to work harder to survive.  Paid vacation days are offered used as incentive and yet many can’t help but feel guilty when cashing them in.  I think this is a great exhibit focus and think I’ll even check it out since it’s in DC.


2 comments on “Somehow ephemeral and timeless

  1. zeniasimpson
    October 15, 2014

    I’m extremely excited about this exhibition since it’s the type of art I want to promote and enjoy creating myself. I would encourage everyone to go see it as it does, as Trisha notes, brings up vital issues within today’s society. I thought up a proposal for an event around the exhibition where people can create their own visions of endless time through Vine or other social media accounts, taking time in their day to slow down and cherish a “timeless” moment. Everyone has something that they do or a time they can recall where time seemed suspended and the experience seemed endless. Taking time to contemplate that and possibly even documenting it, can be a way where we all can feel connected to timelessness, eternity itself, and cherish the very moment we’re in.

  2. yaoge2016
    October 17, 2014

    It’s interesting that the art work is presented through the video, which has the ephemeral nature, maybe suggesting that the fast moving outside world is the reality, while the film and video with contents reflecting timelessness is the unabiding and illusion. I have the feeling of timelessness when I’m devoted, whenever the objects are art pieces or my work at hand. Maybe the truth for me is that the world is changing fast though, everyone can have his/her moments of timeless, and the situation is not as bad as the artists think. Anyway, I’ll go and see the exhibition, thanks Trisha!

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