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Subscriptions Are Not (un)Dead

A loyal subscriber and theater staff expresses his thoughts on subscription in this blog.

His personal satisfaction and preference to subscription unfortunately violates the actual trend that “the subscription is dead”. By pointing out that with action helping subscribers find more benefits and making box office a sales team, performing arts organizations will maintain or even expand their subscriber base.

His points is consistent to process to make customers satisfied, ascertaining the customer, exploring the value they pursue, and adding the value to your products. However, I cast a doubt on “The harder it is to get a seat or a perceived choice seat to any given event, the more value the subscription package embodies.” Can we try to promote subscription by damaging the benefits of single ticket buyers, set up barriers for them to entry and force them to subscribe? After all, single ticket buyers are essential constitution of ticket selling revenues, and those barriers may lead to refusal to attending, let alone subscription.

Subscribers provide economic benefits for arts organizations, however, they are not the only audience needed to be concerned. Arts organization managers should have a clear picture on constitution of different attenders, and create value to each of them, instead of satisfying one by sacrificing the other.


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Yaoge Wang is an emerging arts administrator dedicated to arts, culture, and nonprofit sector. With Accounting and Arts Management backgrounds and a special mix of “right brain/left brain” balance, she brings strong analytical skills and judgment as well as creativity to complex problems. She has extensive professional experience in the U.S. and China. She hopes to apply this international perspective to make the arts more visible to the public.


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