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Audience Engagement- Making It To The Second Date

This article, in the Guardian examines organization/ audience engagement, and the various pitfalls organizations can encounter when trying to grow their audiences. Its not enough to have an interesting organization. To attract new, wider audiences, and to lure visitors into repeat visits (second dates!), organizations must think beyond their current customer behavior, take risks, and make a memorable impression. Its tempting to rely on what is already known about current visitors, but it isn’t enough, and creates barriers.


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  1. zeniasimpson
    October 21, 2014

    I enjoyed this article and it speaks on what we’re reading about in Marketing this week as well. Audience engagement is a sticky topic I find more and more interesting. The article brought up a great point organizations, especially art organizations, don’t necessarily think about which is who cares? Who cares about art? Who cares about what exhibition or opera or play you’re putting on tonight? When I tell people my career choice, some of them give me blank stares or say, “I’ll call you when I need to buy a painting.” Not in a “I would love to be an avid collector and support the arts because its meaningful” way but in a “that sounds like a good way to diversify my portfolio” way. Arts organizations have to get their heads out of the clouds and show people why they should care about art and the work their organization is presenting more than any other one they may go to. Secondly, buyer personas and all of the research we do on customers is lovely, but it does make the customer or patron rather faceless. Arts organizations shouldn’t know necessarily what all millennials or all black people or all old people do and interact with their organizations, they need to know how Zenia or Kimberly or your grandmother interacts and feels about their organizations. Audience engagement is really building relationships with individuals and creating a extremely personal experience for them.

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