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“I don’t even have a record player. But I am buying more and more vinyl. Go figure.” – The Power of Trends


This article in the FT made me think about the power of trends in our social lives and the impact they (can) have in art consuming behavior.

Before I get into the article I just want to admit that me, my sisters and many of my friends live kind of obsessed with vintage culture, even if I don´t know exactly what it means.What I do know is that I use my mother´s clothes, I shop in second-hand shops and flea markets, take polaroid pictures and would like to have a vinyl records player.

So, even though I am a millennial, I still empathize with this:

Then you will say you haven’t bought an album – a proper album – for years, because most albums don’t seem to be very good, and besides, where is the fun in wrestling with awkward plastic cases or, worse, in silently downloading over-compressed files of data?”

The article says that the demand for vinyl records is real but not big enough to contra-pose the decline of recording music industry in the past few years. However, I think art organizations could take advantage of these new trends as a way to attract some segments of the population that are clearly interested in something that is not so “mainstream” or related to “new technologies”. A good example was the cool “scratch off” advertising campaign from the Smithsonian’s museum of Asian Art that Kimberly shared with all of us. An “old-school” type of thing can really capture the attention of the audiences.

Another interesting article more focused on fashion trends and who creates them (?). You will clearly see the connection between both just by looking at the images.




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