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Indicting Higher Education in the Arts and Beyond

Here is an article about the survey conducted by BFAMFAPhD. When we first see the figure showed by the survey that only 10.1% of those with undergraduate degrees report that they work as artists, we may also think that “the fantasy of future earnings in the arts cannot justify the high cost of degrees”. The author admits that the society and high educational institutes help to create the illusion that after graduation, the young artists could have more advantages to achieve career success than their peers. And young graduates are searching for the jobs that don’t exist, for positions are shrinking in the arts field. However, the author zooms out the survey and sees the bigger picture that large number of undergraduates do the jobs aren’t unrelated to their studies, so it’s hard to say if the figure 10.1% is normal or not.

When it comes to our program, Arts Management, the interdiscipline program provides artists with business mindset and skills, which to some degree verifies the choices of young artists.


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Yaoge Wang is an emerging arts administrator dedicated to arts, culture, and nonprofit sector. With Accounting and Arts Management backgrounds and a special mix of “right brain/left brain” balance, she brings strong analytical skills and judgment as well as creativity to complex problems. She has extensive professional experience in the U.S. and China. She hopes to apply this international perspective to make the arts more visible to the public.


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