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The Arts as a Career Pathway in NY Public Schools

This Monday, October 20, the New York State Board of Regents recently approved new regulations for high school graduation requirements that hope to create “career pathways” and increase graduation rates, as they immerse students in their educational process.

In order to graduate, students must pass five Regents exams in English, science, math, U.S. History and Global Studies, and Geography. The new regulations now allow a “4+1” option where students can take four of the Regents exams and a “comparably rigorous technical, arts, or other assessment” as the last exam.

While it is encouraging that the arts has been included as a career pathway, I am concerned that the exam’s assessment will be flimsy as the struggle for standards for arts education and evaluation is still underway. This opinion is based solely on the information provided by the article at this time; there could be more going into the assessment than I perceive. Here’s the info:

The regulations create graduation pathways in the Humanities, STEM, Biliteracy, CTE, and the Arts; students pursuing any of these pathways must pass one of the following assessments in place of the fifth assessment currently required for graduation:

-One additional social studies Regents exam or Department-approved alternative (Humanities Pathway); or

-One additional Regents exam in a different course in mathematics or science or a Department-approved alternative (STEM Pathway); or

-A pathway assessment in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) approved by the Commissioner (which could include a Biliteracy Pathway); or

-A career and technical education pathway assessment approved by the Commissioner, following successful completion of an approved CTE program (CTE Pathway); or

-An arts pathway assessment approved by the Commissioner (Arts Pathway)

Seem a little vague? Again, I love the fact that the New York Regents are identifying the arts as a viable career option, but I hope that this does not devalue the subject which could be seen as an easy pass by students if the assessment isn’t strong.


2 comments on “The Arts as a Career Pathway in NY Public Schools

  1. amyjoforeman
    October 24, 2014

    I also think it’s great that the New York Regents include the arts as a viable career path. However, it’s always difficult to assess the arts on any level. So it will be interesting to see what the test incorporates. I hope the course actually is “equally rigorous,” so students don’t just see it as a cop out.

  2. qfloyd
    October 24, 2014

    NY state regents are a little different than other states’ high school standardized testing. It is a lot more difficult and actually depends on student’s interpretation instead of just bubbling the answers. I find it quite interesting as a former NYC public school student as having an arts as a part of the regents. If I was given this option to take an arts regents exam, I more than likely would have not passed it. Have you seen a AP music exam??? Its just as difficult as the PRAXIS II test! I;m sure a lot of students will opt out of the 5th test to try to take an arts-focused Regents test but end up noticing that it is a lot difficult than imagined unless they have a true genuine passion for it.

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