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Predicting the future of CRM in 2014 and Beyond

As the expansion of CRM tools grow, so do the expectations of the customers who run the CRMs. In this article, analysts and experts talk about the where they think the future of CRMs will lead and how they will become more effective than they are now. These predictions include mobility — being able to access the CRMs anywhere and everywhere from both the customer side and the organization side; integration of marketing automation; social media monitoring; establishing a loyal and true relationship with customers so that they would sacrifice their privacy; gmail integration; creation of data cleansing tools; and implementing workflows.

As arts managers, I believe that the growth of CRMs can have both positive and negative effects on the organization and the customers. Some pros would be the fact that more people are using the product and being able to retain relationships with customers because their experience is more personalized. Some cons can be the fact that customers can become frustrated with CRM developers and constantly have issues with the system or expecting that the response for any issues be immediate. CRMs are a gift and a curse for the consumer, the organization that uses them and the developers.


One comment on “Predicting the future of CRM in 2014 and Beyond

  1. Jenni
    October 31, 2014

    As the article mentions, I think the biggest thing that companies need to consider when deciding on a CRM is how user-friendly is the customer’s interaction with it and how that can ultimately affect their relationship with the company. The CRM may be great for the company and horribly clunky or confusing for the customer. It is important to really look at both seller and buyer aspects of the database. And to make sure that it can easily be integrated into all parts of the business, in order to avoid the old pitfalls of having to be on multiple systems.

    The future of CRM is really important to us as artists, and we should really be cognizant of how they work and how we can make them better.

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