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The Art of Negotiating

This article Is written on talks about the key points in negotiating in the business world. The most important quote from this article that I took away was “check your ego at the door and keep your eye on the big picture at all times.” Just like the negotiation game we played in class, it is important to understand what is most important in your venture and what ways you can make it beneficial not only for yourself but the person/organization you are bargaining with. The most practical steps of being a good negotiator is to be prepared, have a strategy, find leverage, make an offer,  go for a win-win solution and close the deal.

As arts managers, this article is insightful because the clear and consistent theme is to have a win-win mindset. Negotiating and creating contracts are not here to hurt yourself or the person you are establishing the business relationship with but to protect one another and make sure that you both end up receiving what you want from the relationship.


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  1. trishayoung
    October 31, 2014

    I have been reading a book by Susan Cain entitled “Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” that discusses society’s obsession with the Extrovert Ideal and how introvert characteristics are sometimes more effective. Cain is a lawyer and in the introduction tells a story from early in her career when she was thrown into a high-risk Wall Street negotiation. The opposing legal team came in with guns blazing and tried to bully Cain and her clients to simply take their magnanimous deal because it’s the best. Instead of showing how intimidated she was, Cain started asking direct questions based on research she’d done beforehand and forced the opposing team to justify their deal and finally negotiate. They walked out of that room with a deal and the next day Cain was contacted and offered a job by the opposing team’s lead attorney, “I’ve never seen anyone so nice and so tough at the same time…We need someone who can help us put deals together without letting ego get in the way” (Cain p.12). Negotiation is about finesse and I believe it’s valuable to handle every negotiation with a win-win mindset.

  2. jessicamallow
    November 1, 2014

    This makes me think of the difficulties in negotiating orchestra contracts. So often, it seems that orchestra managers and the players form “different teams” in order to make the negotiations happen- perhaps because the players don’t often feel a strong connection to the organization or they feel separate entitlements as artists. Ironically, however, they are on the same team, even when negotiating for a contract between them. One can’t really exist without the other. And if both had in mind that they should come out of the negotiation with truly a win-win, the conflicts that arise nationally may be less.

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