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International connection

Whenever I see international in an article my antlers perk up! Its interesting that the New York Philharmonic, deliberated and decided on creating well placed individuals on the International Advisory Board. They are definitely a luxury show internationally and they have decided on making long lasting connections across the waters to get funding and support. 8 members from Asia and 3 from China and Germany and Brazil. An interesting mix of individuals. Any thoughts people?

The 12-member International Advisory Board includes:

– Angela Chen, Co-Chair (U.S. and China)

– Christian A. Lange, Co-Chair (U.S. and Germany)

– Antonio Quintella, Co-Chair (U.S. and Brazil)

– Charles C.Y. Chen (Taiwan)

– Mitsuhiko Kawai (Japan)

– Federico R. Lopez (Philippines)

– Pedro Pullen Parente (Brazil)

– Washington SyCip (Philippines)

– Ming-Hsing (Richard) Tsai (Taiwan)

– Susanne Wamsler (Germany)

– Chaoyong Wang (China)

– Long Yu (Honorary Member, China)


One comment on “International connection

  1. jessicamallow
    November 1, 2014

    I would love to see this be an active board, rather than simply a representative one. If the board truly helps them tour and find new engagements on other continents, then I think it’s a fantastic idea. If the orchestra tours internationally anyway, it may not be a bad idea to have international representation, and it certainly may help expand the score. However, this will also mean more people having a say in the direction that the organization is going; I hope that doesn’t hinder their overall vision or become too taxing for the staff.

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