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A Startup Company That Makes Your Dreams Come True….Literally.

Sharonna Karni Cohen has taken her dream and made it into reality, literally. She’s created a startup that allows users to describe their dreams in detail, and then connect with an artist who will conceptualize it into real artwork. The user can review profiles of the artists work and select the style and person they think will suit their concept the best. Read about it here.

Though located in Isreal, she plans to expand the company globally, as it’s mostly web-based. And she’s already seen a lot of success. Users contract with the artist, and the artist keeps 80-90% of the earnings. If the user purchases an additional product of the art (say, pillowcase or phone case) then Dreame, the company, keeps a higher percentage.

First, this is a great link to our discussion Monday regarding contracts. Contracts here are between the user and artist, and the artist and Dreame, the company. This way, the rights to the artistic product are maintained properly for those who have created/purchased them.

Secondly, what a unique idea and that links a universal concept with an artistic premise. Because it’s so personal, constituents are likely to remember the service and share it. I hope it continues to do so well!


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  1. Jenni
    October 31, 2014

    I think this is a great way to get artists directly connected with potential buyers, as well as to give the artist a large cut of the profits. I love that it’s based off of dreams so it can be anything. Who knows, maybe the art will even inspire other artists and the dream will take on a whole new life.

    But I think the truly innovative thing about this is just how personal it is. Dreams reveal so much about our subconscious mind and giving someone permission to take a peak inside that world and create art from it is really interesting. I wonder if this type if thing could be incorporated into art therapy, or counseling.

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