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A Toolkit For Public Art

Pound of Flesh for 50p

“Pound of Flesh for 50p” by Alex Chinneck

Artist Alex Chinneck has created a “living” sculpture in this year’s MERGE Festival of art, music, and performance. This British festival allows artists work in “London’s lost buildings” before they are remodeled in Bankside, London’s cultural district. Chinneck piece, “A pound of flesh for 50p,” is a two-story house made of wax bricks in homage to a centuries-year-old candle making factory in the district. The installation will continue to melt over 30 days during the festival, eventually leaving nothing but a pile of rubble.

This got me thinking of the challenges of presenting public art and inspired me to research the process. I came across the Public Art Toolkit created by Forecast Public Art of Saint Paul, MN that is a wonderful resource for those beginning to think about taking on a public art project. The toolkit provides advice from the beginning of idea development and community engagement to logistical points like hiring artists, location analysis, and acquiring permissions and permits along with sample RFQ’s, project worksheets, contracts, and more. So what are you waiting for, go create!



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