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A New Space for Harvard

Take a look at the new designs for the renovation of the Harvard Art Museums! It looks pretty cool – designed by Renzo Piano, the new space will unite all three of Harvard’s art museums into one state-of-the-art facility. Looking at the plans is reminding me quite a lot of what we saw happening with the Taipei Performing Art Center – drawing together many different disciplines within an arts field and bringing them together under one roof. As we learned from Andrew’s presentation, it looks like this renovation won’t just be a bigger space for the art, but a different space. Much like the Taipei Performing Arts Center, this space will have an open area where the public can flow through, as well as private administrative space and gallery space, which will all be united in an open area with interior glass walls to see through.  I like the building’s meeting of rehabilitated historical architectural elements with modern updates, creating a clean and cohesive space.


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  1. benjamendouglas
    November 5, 2014

    Very cool! It makes me think of the Portrait Gallery’s atrium. I love Piano’s work, and particularly love the way the Globe’s website has shown these interactive renderings.

    Thanks for this!

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