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Arts Funding directed heavily towards London in UK and the other municipalities are suffering.

This article made me sit back and realize the cons of the arts relying on being funded by the Government. Quoting from the article – “Some of the report’s harshest words are directed towards the arts minister, Ed Vaizey, for not taking a stronger line against arts-cutting councils. “It should go without saying that the government minister with responsibility for the arts should use his position to champion the arts at every opportunity, not least by having conversations with local authorities. We were staggered to learn that such conversations are not commonplace, if they take place at all.””

The issue just isn’t that funding is being cut but also the fact that areas around London are not being equally funded and the money is being channelized into London.

No method is full proof, funding in the arts is a million dollar question especially to find a sustainable model.


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  1. laurenelizabethdickel
    November 5, 2014

    Interesting read! Thanks for posting. I found the two quotes particularrly interesing and poigniant:

    “To propose further funding cuts to arts in the capital, with the aim of redistributing it amongst the regions, is simplistic at best and dangerous at worst. It would seriously undermine London’s status as one of the great world cities for culture, whilst bringing marginal benefits outside the capital.

    “They have published figures which show that combined Department for Culture, Media and Sport and ACE spending amounts to £68.99 per head of population in London and £4.58 in the rest of England.”

    I wonder what type of system( if any) is used to decided how much funding goes where. It would certainly be fascinating to see what their arts funding allocation model looks like.

    There is no fool proof method, it is a million dollar question! I think we should have a class that examines the different ways the arts are funded across major ‘cultural’ hubs globally.

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